If you’re running your business on WooCommerce and have heard about WooConf, perhaps you’re wondering if it’s for you. We understand full well that conferences are aplenty and resources are not – but as our planning nears the finish line we can safely say that WooConf 2016 will be worth every effort required to join us. Here are six reasons why this year’s conference will surely be worth it for you store owners.

6 benefits of attending WooConf for WooCommerce store owners


1. Get tips and inspiration from experts, developers and fellow store owners

Listening to (and networking with) business owners who have put our eCommerce platform through its paces and done great things is an inspiring way to glean learningsChris Lema will share lessons learned from selling a crazy amount of lipstick and Brian Krogsgard of PostStatus will share what he’s learnt running his own store.

Check out Chris Lema’s keynote from WooConf 2014 (naturally, we had to get him back):

We’ll also have a panel discussion with four store owners using WooCommerce in a bunch of interesting and innovative ways led by Catherine Stewart.

Along business growth lines, Drew Sanocki will share growth secrets of 9-figure eCommerce retailers, while Chase Reeves will let you in on his favorite trick for being successful.

2. Sharpen your marketing skills by learning about social media, advertising, video and much more

Marketing is a tricky topic, and we have several talks focused on how to use marketing to drive sales, grow your brand and reach your audience.

From trends in search marketing, advertising for Instagram and Facebook, and how to use social media and video to the power of word of mouth marketing and why your brand needs a distinct voice, we a have number of content-rich, inspiring talks lined up for WooConf this year.

Here’s Dustin Stout‘s application video, we can’t wait to hear his talk on social media and content marketing tactics.

And just a few marketing-related speaker names to look out for are Andy Sernovitz, Seth Rand, Miracle Wanzo, Kandace Brigleb and Josh Cary.

3. Master sales tax with a little help from Avalara and TaxJar

They say the only two constants in life are death and taxes. For many store owners, the topics are dangerously linked!

Mark Faggiano, CEO of TaxJar – the leading sales tax compliance provider in eCommerce – will deliver a comprehensive talk to help you understand the ins and outs of sales tax and make compliance decisions that are best for your business.

In addition, Greg Chapman of Avalara will take you through how making decisions to speed up your eCommerce delivery can end up costing you tax-wise, and share tips on how to avoid hidden costs.


4. Learn about security and ensure safety for your business (and customers)

Security is scary. But never fear: this year at WooConf we have three talks focused on various aspects of this critical subject, including security considerations when building your site from Tony Perez of Sucuri, PCI compliance from Lee Blue and a look at the future of secure payments from Rahul Despande from MasterCard.

There will also be an opportunity for you to check in at our Ninja Help Desk to get one-on-one help with any specific questions around security relating to your store.

WooConf 2014

5. Get practical help to track, optimize and convert all the things

The internet is filled with information about optimization, A/B testing, being data-driven and using data to improve conversion. We all know it’s important, but what does it all mean?

Beka Rice will explain how to get started with tracking valuable metrics, like average order value, average order profit, or customer acquisition costs, and how WooCommerce (or extensions) can provide this data for you. Then Peep Laja of ConversionXL will share how to use data meaningfully by turning it into insights and customers.

6. And finally, meet our team!

WooConf is the only opportunity to connect IRL with members of the team behind WooCommerce. Over the course of our event there will be time and space to chat, visit the Help Desk and learn directly from a number of WooCommerce Ninjas who will be delivering talks and workshops.

Ninja help desk

So to recap…

You’ll be inspired by successful big scale store owners, get help with marketing, tax, and security, gain practical tips for tracking and optimization and have abundant networking time.

Plus Matt Mullenweg will be sharing his thoughts about WordPress and eCommerce, guaranteed to have some exciting announcements about what’s on the horizon for WooCommerce…

Thank you

We’re grateful to all of our WooCommerce partners who have come aboard as sponsors, particularly MasterCard, PayPal, ShipStation and Heartland. We couldn’t pull off this premium event with out.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

If those five things sparked your interest, we hope you’ll join us at WooConf! Grab your tickets via the link below and we’ll see you soon! To end, the highlights video from 2014 – hope to spot you in the next one. 🙂

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