Brent Shepherd is the lead developer of WooCommerce Subscriptions, one of the largest and most popular extensions in the official extension marketplace. WooCommerce is Brent’s hobby and profession and he founded Prospress, a company dedicated to building content, community and products on top of WooCommerce and co-organises the WooCommerce San Francisco Meetup.

21 Things you may not know you can do with WooCommerce Subscriptions

Whether you’re already running a successful subscription business or still dreaming of earning recurring revenue, WooCommerce Subscriptions can help, perhaps in more ways than you realise.
Over the last 4 years, WooCommerce Subscriptions has grown through 7 major new versions, each introducing new features requested by store managers. This talk will give you an overview of some of the valuable but less common things you can do with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.
Both seasoned Subscriptions users and new WooCommerce store owners will walk away from this talk with new ideas on how Subscriptions can improve their store.