Bryce Adams is a nomadic coder (currently based in Melbourne, Australia) working for Automattic on the biggest WooCommerce store in the world – He loves open source software, building useful products and interacting with the open-source and eCommerce communities! In his spare time, he’s either traveling the world and speaking at events or building small products that try to push the boundaries of everyday eCommerce development with open-source hardware.

WooCommerce in a Physical World

In the past 4 years since WooCommerce was born, we’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of integrations built with the intent of taking WooCommerce to the next level. But I want to take WooCommerce to the next physical level.

I’ll explore creative uses of the WooCommerce API, from changing the color of a room when a sale is triggered to printing a receipt automatically for that very sale. This talk isn’t going to increase your conversion rate or improve your branding, but it will get you excited; excited and inspired about the state of eCommerce, WooCommerce and the tools WooCommerce makes available to developers and users to do amazing things.