David De Boer has been a speaker and web-entrepreneur since 2003 and has extensive experience with WordPress, Joomla and e-commerce solutions. As an entrepreneur he codes and sells his software products internationally (WordPress plugins and Joomla extensions). He is most known in the Netherlands for his experience with payment systems, specifically iDEAL, the number one Dutch payment method with 900 million transactions.

10 eCommerce Lies You Tell Yourself That Are Holding You Back

Hidden deep in your brain are eCommerce lies that are holding you back. You might have picked them up when reading a business magazine, you might have convinced yourself these lies are true so you can stay in your comfort zone, or you misunderstood great advice from fellow entrepreneurs. “People wouldn’t be interested in a newsletter from my store.” “I don’t need webanalytics, I understand my market.” “Search Engine Optimisation is dead, all I need is Instagram.” “I absolutely need a one page checkout, it’s essential to my success.” It doesn’t really matter where these lies came from, what’s important now is that we address them, and allow you to make effective decisions that help you, and your shop move forward.