Heather Brunner is CEO for WP Engine and has steered the company to hyper-growth and global expansion with offices in Austin, San Antonio, London and San Francisco serving 40,000 customers in 133 countries. A 25-year technology veteran, She helped create billions in value, driven customer success and led business strategy for both privately-funded new ventures and Fortune 500 companies. 

Content & Commerce: Implications for Sites & Brands

Today, consumers are bombarded by thousands and some estimates say up to 20,000 ads or brand exposures a day. Given this avalanche of information how do brands break through this clutter and get consumers emotionally motivated to dig deeper into a category, learn more about products and ultimately buy a product? We will first explore the evolution of commerce on the web by looking at recent eCom trends, the growing complexity in a customer’s journey, shifting buyer expectations, and so on.
Next, we’ll give a quick example of how brands are doing content and commerce integration of product and non-product content in new and engaging ways. Also we will focus on what the implications are for site development and protecting site performance. We will close off by some thoughts on the future: the need for even more personalized consumer experiences and the integration of new technologies for content-rich experiences that transcend channels and why open source is critical.