Josh Cary is the eCommerce Director at All Things Barbecue. Along with diving deep into analytics day to day he is responsible for the planning of all content marketing across four barbecue brands. You can hear him weekly on The SauceCast barbecue podcast.

The 3 Types of Videos You Need to Boost Conversions Now

There are three main types of videos that are important and useful for eCommerce companies. Individual product videos, how-to videos and branding videos. Knowing the difference between the three videos, when to use them and how to measure their effectiveness is incredibly important in an era where online video dominates the conversation. I will break down the key differences in the video types, the goal of each video type and how to execute an action plan to produce videos that boost conversions and reduce returns. Even videos produced on a tight budget (with a smart phone and a little planning) can have massive impact on the bottom line.