Kandace Brigleb is a co-founder and producer at Needmore Designs, a design studio in rainy Portland, Oregon. Deeply influenced by her early Anthropological studies, she works with coffee, wine, and lifestyle brands to tell their stories in the digital and analog realms. She is co-host of the show Unpacking Coffee.

How To Elevate Brands With Their Authentic Voice

Without brand differentiation, businesses risk being generalized as commodities that must compete on the lowest price point.

Many businesses do articulate a unique voice in their products, physical spaces, and even social media. It is our mission to then express this personality on their website.

Over that last decade, I’ve worked with a team to design and produce websites for local and international coffee brands. Today, I’ll share a handful of tips we’ve learned along the way for infusing WooCommerce website with an authentic brand voice. Along the way, we’ll go over concrete suggestions of ways to refine the form and style of standard WooCommerce messages, notifications, and wording to keep a project on-brand and unique.