Kenn Kelly is head of strategy and co-founder of Never Settle, a company that builds custom enterprise WordPress and WooCommerce business solutions. Kenn has founded three tech companies and two world causes. His background in management consulting and building both Fortune 100 and Silicon Valley startup solutions fuel Kenn’s visionary insight in developing SaaS technologies that run global and local companies. He is passionate about leveraging company culture to impact global humanitarian issues.

WooCommerce is NOT (only) a cart

It’s time to change the way we think about WooCommerce. If we continue to approach WooCommerce only as a cart plugin, we’ll miss all the applications we can use WooCommerce as the perfect commerce solution for our needs. Even more importantly, we’ll miss out on the future innovations we can develop as a community for WooCommerce if we continue to constrain our thinking by the idea that WooCommerce is only a shopping cart.