Mark Faggiano is the CEO of TaxJar – the leading sales tax compliance provider in ecommerce. Mark’s built a career around his passion for using technology to solve complex problems for small businesses. He previously co-founded FileLater, the most well know tax extension service, which was acquired in 2010.

Sales Tax 101 for Store Owners

Our goal is to educate store owners so that they can understand sales tax and make compliance decisions that are best for their business. We talk to dozens of ecommerce businesses every singe day. Most of them want to comply with their sales tax laws, but don’t have any idea how to even get started. Our Sales Tax 101 gives them all of the fundamentals – when to collect, how much to collect, when and how to file returns to the states – arming them with the info they need to, not only get started with compliance, but to automate sales tax compliance using the WooCommerce platform and tax plugins. In the end, the store owner spends more time on the important things (like making more money).