Matt White has been an entrepreneur ever since he can remember. What he loves about entrepreneurship is the part where he gets to HELP people – business owners, start-ups, marketing folks and other entrepreneurs. From black-market “reminders” in the 5th grade to developing content marketing today, his focus has always been to help people.

Stop Selling, Start Helping

If you’re anything like me, there’s just a bad feeling about “selling” sometimes (if not all the time). But, you know what I don’t feel bad about? HELPING. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve EVER felt bad about helping someone.

You know what else happens when you help someone? THEY feel good about it, too. It’s like a big ol’ Kum ba ya around the campfire! Everyone involved feels good about it. So, what does this have to do with your business?

Whether you’re a salesperson or a business owner or a web developer or an entrepreneur, what would happen if you flipped sales on its head and started HELPING instead of SELLING? Instead of walking into a prospect’s home or office hoping to sell her your product or service, what if your goal for the meeting was to figure out how you can help her? What if your LinkedIn or Facebook activity was filled with links to helpful articles, videos and resources? What if your website was focused more on providing helpful information than selling your product?

I’ll tell you what would happen…

  • Your influence would grow
  • Your credibility would skyrocket
  • Your close rate would improve
  • Your sales cycle would shrink
  • Your bottom line would increase

For some, this concept is an easy one. For others, it doesn’t come so naturally. And that’s what we’ll be covering.