Michael Steele is a co-founder of Member Up, a small Texas consultancy that helps people build and grow membership products. He also has courageously ventured into the dark abyss of running an eCommerce shop with his wife, Terri. He hopes to survive emotionally intact.

Why every eCommerce site should have a membership offering

The biggest challenge for growth is getting customers to come back and buy again. Otherwise, you have to spend a lot of money constantly acquiring new customers in order to meet sales goals. Return customers are more likely to buy again and cost A LOT less to a business to acquire than first time buyers. A membership offering (free or paid) can make a huge impact on building customer loyalty. This talk will cover:

  • The different ways a membership component is valuable to an ecommerce site
  • What that can look like (examples of common and creative use cases being done well)
  • The challenges to expect that come with this
  • How to get something really simple set up quickly with WooCommerce Memberships