Mindy Postoff is a WooCommerce Support Ninja at Automattic. She finds working in technical support extremely fulfilling, as it satisfies her fierce drive to help people, while also throwing in healthy levels of geekiness. Her superpower is being able to combine equal parts empathy with problem-solving skills.

Improving Customer Interactions

Everyone that will be at WooConf, from store owners to developers and from designers to support reps, can benefit from having better, more meaningful interactions with their customers. I will give examples of real-life scenarios of how we can improve customer interaction. This includes (but is not limited to) customer service tips for developers, how store owners can ask the best questions on a customer survey, and how support agents can use validation when dealing with angry customers. We believe that by improving customer interactions, it will lead to a more successful business. Customers will feel more listened to, which will instill trust and increase loyalty to your company.