Patrick Garman is a Sr. eCommerce Specialist at ColourPop Cosmetics, one of the fastest growing WooCommerce stores around. Formerly a WooCommerce extension developer, WooCommerce Ninja at WooThemes, and a developer at WebDevStudios & Maintainn; altogether giving Patrick a unique set of skills and experience in WooCommerce, product development, enterprise WordPress development, and scaling WooCommerce.

WooCommerce – scaling in the way that matters most

There are three types of volumes that can be defined as scale: traffic, products, and orders. Traffic is great, except when it is not generating sales. Products are great, but who cares about 10,000,000 products if no one is buying them. So how do you deal with a large raw volume of orders within WooCommerce? This is where things get tricky. While volumes of traffic and products can be solved with various methods of caching, you cannot cache the creation of an order.

This talk is going will take you on the rollercoaster ride that is scaling a WooCommerce site experiencing rapid growth on multiple levels, how to accurately gauge the scale of your WooCommerce shop, and how solve the scaling issues that this can create.